Business Continuity

It is important that internal communications are sent in unprecedented or emergency situations to assist the business in continuing operations.

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How is it handled now?

If a specific mass communication system is not already in place, company-wide emails or multiple phone calls are required. Many large companies still rely on call trees to disseminate information in times of crisis.

How is the current state bad?

Not everyone checks work emails outside of office hours, especially in Europe where this practice is commonplace. As a result, many people are likely to miss an emergency email notification at a time when rapid action may be key.

Similarly, out-of-hours phone calls may go unanswered and the physical act of making so many is incredibly time-consuming. Call trees may accelerate the process, but become incredibly disruptive and it is easy for information to become increasingly distorted as it is relayed by many people.

How does Purposeful improve?

Information can be sent instantly to many people from one sender and there is no possibility of it being altered or misrepresented. Interaction and mass responses are automatically collated and summarised on the sender’s dashboard to determine who may need follow-up.

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