Easily manage the messages people need to receive.

Make your compliance communication quick and efficient, so you can focus on the rest of your to-do list.
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Purposeful solves a multitude of challenges for risk & compliance professionals

Insider Notifications

Formal governance meetings

Policy attestations

Approvals (e.g. P.A dealing, G&E)

Data breach (staff)

Sub-committee meetings

(product, governance, new product approval)

Mandatory training notification

Risk limit changes

Data breach (customers)

Reputational risks, employee promotions

Conflict Clearance

Business continuity

Messages sent with Purposeful are to the point and create auditable outcomes.

Our internal communication solution sends clear and concise messages to the platform of the recipient’s choice. This improves employee response rates and reduces the noise normally generated by group emails and chats.

Get to what matters, with none of the noise.

Automatically create records of decisions, approvals and disseminated information, saving time and keeping your inbox clutter-free.

Gain greater oversight and control.

Purposeful messages straightforward dashboard makes it easier than ever to identify employees who may need additional compliance training or more information.

Demonstrate compliance to auditors and regulators

Easily download a PDF report of communications and with an audit trail of responses using our easy-to-use web-based dashboard.




Achieve superior governance

Remove bias in decision making by ensuring all decision-makers vote independently.

Quicker group decisions

Send group communications with a simple poll embedded into each message that gives clear options to your questions.

Choose clutter-free communication​

Streamline everyone’s inbox with replies going only to the sender’s dashboard, cutting down on reply-all noise.

No more BCC errors or reply all chains​

Ensure sensitive information is sent to the correct people and data is not erroneously shared with the wrong people.

It works on the channels you already use and only notifies you in one place.

Send messages from Purposeful Message and let people choose where they want to receive important information.

Say hello to your communication superpower.


For helping them talk less, not more

For being able to deal with with their inbox in minutes, not hours


For having an ROI greater than 10x

For enabling companies to achieve more whilst saying less

People & HR

For reducing stress and improving morale org-wide

Giving them visibility of comms outcomes

Risk & Compliance

For streamlining board and committee approvals

For creating auditable, data-rich outcomes