Formal governance meetings

Numerous committees in different functions can exist within an organisation that all make decisions that need to be committed to record.

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How is it handled now?

Decision outcomes and decision-making processes are sometimes handled by specialist (and expensive) board management software. Alternatively, they are managed through more general productivity tools like Microsoft or Google Office.

Pre-meeting information is distributed via emails and meetings are minuted and circulated in the same way afterwards. Decisions made between these meetings either go undocumented or require manual management.

How is the current state bad?

Pre-meeting documents can become buried in an attendee’s inbox and it’s possible for meeting minutes to be reviewed and signed by the chair without committee members validating the contents. Decisions made between these meetings become either a chore to manually document and risk being left undocumented totally.

How does Purposeful improve?

Important pre-meeting documents are sent through the recipient’s channel of choice, improving the likelihood of them being read and digested beforehand, ultimately saving time by reducing information sharing during in-person meetings.

All committee members can also review and approve minutes prior to them being signed by the meeting chair, creating accountability and irrefutable, auditable records. Decisions made outside of formal committee meetings can also be easily recorded and tracked, reducing effort and encouraging robust record-keeping.

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