Insider Notifications

When insider notifications are issued to employees to inform them that they are now considered to be insiders regarding specific stock they (and your company) potentially become liable for legal repercussions should they be found to be trading it.

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How is it handled now?

Employees are typically notified via email through a system that manages company-wide insider lists, or from a compliance officer directly.

How is the current state bad?

Not everyone manages their inbox habitually, so an email can be easy to miss. This could lead to employees not being aware of their status as an insider. Emails cannot capture meaningful data from the recipients either, so compliance has no simple process for determining who acknowledges their insider status.

How does Purposeful improve?

Recipients are notified through a channel of their choosing, improving reach and engagement. The sender can also clearly see interaction with the message on their dashboard, knowing who has received, opened, and responded. An audit trail has been automatically created for them.

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