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Free up your inbox from internal emails with Morii

Spend less time reading messages, so you can get out of your inbox and into your day job.

It’s time to rebel against reply-all

Our internal communication tool converts group emails into quick and efficient replies for the sender.
This means everyone’s inbox stays reply-all free and easier to manage.

Get your questions answered quickly

With an easy-to-use poll system, send questions to large teams and receive quicker replies. The replies only go to you, creating less admin for everyone in the chain.


Know who to follow up with easily

All replies are collected centrally with data on who has opened and answered your message, so you know exactly who still needs to reply, without checking your inbox.

It works with the channels you already use and only notifies you in one place.

Send messages from Morii to Outlook, WhatsApp or SMS. Choose where you receive information from your workgroups and departments to save doubling up on notifications.


Our customers are using Morii to


Speed-up group decisions


Streamline committee approvals


Give employee training or updates


Conduct conflict management

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