Policy attestations

New or updated company policies require circulating to all staff and for their understanding of the content to be attested to.

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How is it handled now?

Policy updates are either disseminated via a dedicated policy/document management software or can be sent via email.

How is the current state bad?

If policies are sent via email, internal chatter can arise from the change in a chaotic and ever-increasing email chain and a quick and easy way to gain visibility of who has viewed the policy document is not available.

Document management software typically uses email notifications for updates, so carries similar issues. Transient staff, or those who do not habitually manage their inbox, often miss these updates and require follow-ups using alternate communication channels and frontline staff without corporate email accounts may completely lack a convenient method for receiving updates.

How does Purposeful improve?

Notifications are sent through the channel chosen by the recipient,  giving the power back to the user to utilise the method that works best for them.

Business email accounts are not required, so every staff member from C-suite to boots on the ground can be reached through one communication without the possibility of catalysing reply-all chaos. A central dashboard summarises interaction with the update and records responses automatically and can work in harmony with document management software by bringing attention to a policy change communication waiting in an employee’s inbox.

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