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The time lost to inefficient internal communication is staggering. In the average organisation, poor communication costs 71% of employees at least 2 hours per average working week (or £148.72 per employee per month in time costs*). For the 16% of those who are the most badly affected by poor communication this amounts to at least a full working day (or £625.32 per employee per month in time costs*).

Company’s ROI on the Purposful platform is typically


With Purposeful resulting in time savings of over an hour per employee per week, a company’s ROI on the Purposeful platform is typically 16x*. These returns are calculated without factoring in the impact of improvements in wellbeing and job satisfaction experienced by employees, leading to higher productivity and reduced staff churn.

* based on average UK salary (£31,461); with pensions & NI included (+£5,914.69 = £37,375.69) and averaged worked hours by full time workers of 42 hours per week

How Purposeful helps leadership teams

Enabling leadership teams to structure their communications, Purposeful streamlines messages and outcomes for all levels of leadership, from office management through to company boards. We can even help you improve communication with your shareholders.

With features designed to enable a company-wide overview of critical communications, data-rich analytics, and a unified, self-clearing inbox for every user, Purposeful saves precious hours not just for leadership teams, but across the entire organisation.

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The greatest satisfaction an employee can feel is completing their work and achieving their goals. Purposeful helps insulate them from distracting noise and transforms response time from minutes to seconds.

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