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People & HR teams love Purposeful for streamlining their internal communications, creating auditable outcomes, improving morale across the workforce, and helping retain top talent.

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Improving morale and reducing stress

In 2021 the average Teams user is receiving


more messages vs 2020



more out of hours messages

In companies all around the world, the intensity of internal communication across email & IM is reaching a tipping point.

The global workforce is suffering. On any day in 2021, 39% feel exhausted, 42% feel stressed, and 54% feel overworked. Their mental health is being eroded by longer hours and increased communication load.

Modern workspace technology such as Slack, MS Teams and work social apps aimed to keep us all “connected” through communication, but have cost us our productivity and reaching the daily work goals we all want, and need, to achieve by close-of-business (not hours later!).

One of the biggest senses of satisfaction we can feel is getting to the end of our workday with a well-earned sense of accomplishment. The sad truth is that when we are interrupted frequently there’s only a 44% chance we’ll finish our workday believing that it was successful.

Purposeful frees up the time for employees to get their work done and - god forbid - do wild things like actually take a lunch break.

Retaining top talent & aiding a culture of excellence

Your most valued employees want streamlined internal communications and the risk you take by letting them down is a mistake that could cost you dearly. 

Top performers can afford to pick and choose. They are becoming increasingly aggravated by communication inefficiencies causing internal disturbance and could walk away at any time, forcing your company to re-recruit in a highly competitive market, often at higher rates.

By their nature, they are high-achievers and want to work with and for other top performing people. Anything that gets in the way of them accomplishing only the very best outcomes is a big problem. Removing these barriers to performance not only helps retain top talent, but it also creates a culture of excellence they are proud to work in.

Streamlining internal communications for People & HR professionals

Right now, you have to send multiple communications across disparate channels hoping to achieve your desired outcome. 

Purposeful unifies these disparate channels and centralises response data into a single platform view.

Microsoft Teams & Slack is coming soon

Just imagine. No more “I didn’t see it.” No more fights over platforms. Just you, and your whole company in harmony. If you’d like to learn more...

Creating auditable outcomes

Many companies have little or no meaningful data to assess the effectiveness of their internal communication. Most make do with a few emojis in response to a Slack message or some dreaded reply-all emails. Hardly a robust methodology for coming to a useful conclusion.

Purposeful effortlessly collects and collates data that you can use to iterate on and improve your communications, saving you admin time and helping you truly connect with company employees.

It presents this to you coherently and unobtrusively. There’s no series of seemingly endless notifications to keep under control and your data is there waiting for you on the dashboard.

Whenever you want, whenever you need, the outcome of every single communication you’ve ever sent will be there for you to support you with benchmarking, improvement, and demonstrating your impact to both your leaders and peers. 

Say hello to your communication superpower.


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People & HR

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